Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meditation of the day...IMITATION OF CHRIST...


SEEK a suitable time for leisure and meditate often on the favors of God (find a time that works best in your state in life). Leave curiosities alone. Read such matters as bring sorrow (ponder) to the heart rather than occupation to the mind. If you withdraw yourself from unnecessary talking and idle running about (or in my case:computer*), from listening to gossip and rumors, you will find enough time that is suitable for holy meditation.(or to clean my house)

Very many great saints avoided the company of men wherever possible (remain balanced) and chose to serve God in retirement. "As often as I have been among men," said one writer, "I have returned less a man." We often find this to be true when we take part in long(unnecessary) conversations. It is easier to be silent altogether than not to speak too much. (my husband and I call this diarrhea of the mouth) To stay at home is easier than to be sufficiently on guard while away. Anyone, then, who aims to live the inner and spiritual life must go apart, with Jesus, from the crowd. (I really think this is a big problem in our world today. Everyone is so busy running around trying to be involved in every activity out there, that there is no time for homemaking, family dinner, time as a family, etc...)

No man appears in safety before the public eye unless he first relishes obscurity. No man is safe in speaking unless he loves to be silent (or tolerates). No man rules safely unless he is willing to be ruled. No man commands safely unless he has learned well how to obey. No man rejoices safely unless he has within him the testimony of a good conscience.

*about 9 months ago I went on my first blog...It was so inspiring and impressive!!! I was instantly hooked and each morning I rushed through my morning meditation so to go on the computer. When I decided to blog (make an online scrapbook for my family) I decided that I would first do my morning meditation and instead of journaling on my lights, I would post them here...and my children would have some "love letters" of things I wanted them to know. I hope you find something here to make you grow in your relationship with Christ.

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