Friday, July 20, 2012

Mother's Prayer for a safe delivery

One of my prayer warriors sent this to me:

A Mother's Prayer for a safe delivery...
St. Elizabeth, through the great blessing which,
at the birth of thy son John, thou did receive from God,
I beseech thee to obtain for me the grace
that I may be preserved from all danger,
and happily bring our child into the world. Amen.
Venerable mother St. Anne, obtain for me,
through the ever-blessed child, the Blessed Virgin Mary,
that no accident may befall me,
but that my child may come safe and sound into the world. Amen.
O Mary, Mother of my Redeemer,
through thy high prerogative and thy divine Son,
I pray thee to obtain for me the help and blessing of God,
that I may happily survive the paint of delivery,
and that my child may receive the grace of holy Baptism. Amen.


1 comment:

Laura Honeybee said...

Thank you for sharing this prayer. A comfort to me this evening.