Saturday, July 5, 2008

Meditation of the day...IMITATION OF CHRIST...

From The Imitation of Christ:
On Being Prudent in What We Accept and Do-
It is not good to be taken in by every word or impulse that comes our way, but consider the thing prudently and thoughtfully in order not to offend God. Because we are frail we are always ready to believe the worst of people. Those who seek perfection realize that human nature is weak and prone to spread the evil word.

It is wise, therefore, to act slowly, not to trust entirely our own opinions, or to accept every tale and quickly pass it along to the next one. Seek advice from a wise man of good conscience and be instructed by him rather than follow your own way. A good life will make you wise in the ways of God and will broaden your experience. If you are humble an submissive to God's will, you will have peace in all you do.

PRUDENCE...ouch! A wise friend of mine shared with me that she would pray in the morning to the HOLY SPIRIT that no words of discouragement or uncharitable comments would come from her mouth. It works!!! If I just would remember to ask for those graces!!! I also try to remind myself when making the sign of the cross before the Gospel at mass to ask the Lord to give me kind thoughts (when I touch my forehead), to give me kind words (when I touch my mouth), and to give me a heart full of love like His (when I touch my heart).

Listen to how your children speak, and encourage them to choose words wisely at school and at home. It’s important to teach them to bridle their tongue. (from the meditions for moms on my side bar today) wow!

If I could live these words I would be in good shape...time for confession today!!!

Thy Will be done!!!+JMJ+

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