Friday, November 15, 2013

Our little puppet is 12!!! Yikes I can't believe were the first baby born in this house and I was in shock that we had FIVE boys...
little did I know that God  had three more boys in store for our family...
You are the funniest kid...number 8 child and everyone loves make us smile...
keep it up and don't turn into a scary teenager!!! 
You can sleep anywhere at any time, it is a gift you inherited from your mommy!!!
We can't wait to see  what God has in store for you and your future...
we know it will be great if you stay on the path of CHRIST. 
Keep up the great work and thanks for always helping with the little guys!!! 
Love you forever, like  you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be!!!

Make them laugh, make them laugh, make them laugh!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

HOMESCHOOLING WORKS...even with the toughest kids!!!

Dear friends, 
Those who know me, know my style...I homeschool from birth till they graduate from High School...most of my kids are late readers...mainly because I am very laid back objective is to have them read for fun as much as possible and do school on their own...this may mean doing "easier work" till they are confident in their ability. This may mean being embarrassed when my third grader still struggles with reading...this may mean feeling overwhelmed when I am tired and the house is a mess and we are all still in our pj's at lunch!!! 

I am, I guess considered a seasoned homeschooler these oldest is going to be 24 and I have four in college now. Plus the two in highschool, two in middle school, two in elementary school, and two running around tearing the house apart.

About twice a year I send my younger friends with houses full of babies a note to encourage them and to share my good news of my college kids when their grades come in and they are all getting A's and B's (maybe an occasional C). I feel a little boastful sending it but I always explain that many of our days we just spent reading on the couch, playing play doe, painting, and going for walks or playing outside. 
I have had easy children and difficult children, I have smart children and children who struggle, I have diligent children and unmotivated children, I have extroverted children and introverted children, I have loud children and quiet children...ok, I think you get it. 

The following letter was sent to me from my son who asked me not to share it...well, since he doesn't read my blog and I omitted his name...I figured I was safe to share this. The reason I am sending this is because this is my difficult, unmotivated, introverted, quiet child who drove me crazy...there were days when I thought I should send him to school...when I thought I was the worse teacher for pediatrician would tell me I was the best teacher for him and he would do best at home. So we persevered and made it to his highschool graduation and his introduction to four years later he is applying (and got into one of the best schools in the country!!!) to grad schools and graduating in May!!! I highlighted the words in red which made me most proud and affirmed my decision of why God has called our family to homeschool!!! 

The following are excerpts from a letter was sent from one of my child's teacher/advisers to the Graduate Admissions Committee. I highlighted the parts that made me so proud and convinced that Homeschooling works for my family!!!

" initiative, confidence and incredible work ethic are what set his apart from fellow classmates."
 " is at ease around people and his calm, warm personality creates a welcoming environment..."

 "is able to build a trustful relationship. "

" is well liked by fellow classmates because of his ability to lead by example. "

is quick to volunteer his time to participate in community service events or to organize an event."

 "ability to teach and interact with people on a thoughtful and compassionate way"

  " able to work independently and completed tasks with accuracy and on time."

 " motivation and focus seemed tireless."     
" leaves the impression of a responsible, enthusiastic, and motivated young man.
 "an individual with a thirst for knowledge and dedication."