Friday, December 30, 2016

When I am discourged about my parenting...

My favorite Christmas gift: Notes from my big kids to help me when I feel discouraged with my little guys:

* “You taught me how to read. Read us books, took us for walks, and didn’t let us watch TV!” –Alex

*“Thank you for making it “normal” and “cool” to be Catholic, especially for surrounding me with great friends when I was younger, it made it easier for me to be good.”  –Josh

*“Mom always taught me to work hard and go the extra mile. By encouraging us to get jobs, and work for everything we wanted. She instilled a motivation and drive in all of us that has given myself and the rest of us kids great success.” – Caleb

*“You taught us to work hard and how to earn things and be independent. You didn’t let us get away with stuff.” –Lizzie

*“You taught us how to be self-sufficient.” –Barbara
*“By homeschooling us, no dating till 18, and no iphones until 17”. – Joey

*“Always there to talk to” –Robert

*“Homeschooling us!” -Dominic

Thy Will Be Done!!! +JMJ+


I thought I used to be a good mom. This weekend made me feel like a failure! Having 8 boys and foster baby being a boy makes #9 makes me shake my head often! Especially since growing up I constantly mentioned that I had four big brothers! I always felt like it was such a big deal. When I had baby boy number five I was in shock!

My three youngest boys are typical boys but add to that five big brothers with lots of  "character" and big ideas of what is funny (aka rude).

This weekend was one of the worst with the boys or maybe it is the lack of sleep I have had with a five week old who is up every 3 hours.

It started Friday after mass and school, the house was (is) a mess and the weather was hot and sticky. The boys were bouncing off the walls and going crazy all day. My 9 year old was bored (not allowed) and sitting in the kitchen messing with the phone while I made dinner. As he dialed 911-23 he hung up and ran to the bathroom. Phone one could get it and I was knee deep in chicken. About 5 minutes goes by and 2 very friendly police officers knock on the door to make sure everything was all right. Of course I knew what happened the minute I saw the police what had happened.

After I explained to the very kind  officer what happened, I made sure to explain to my son with the officers standing there, how because of what he did the officers were taken away from their duty!

Lord Bless and protect my children!

+JMJ+ Thy will be done!!!