Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have friends who don't let their kids eat in the that would be amazing!!!

Just yesterday after dropping my 6 middle kids off at VBS at our church I was driving my 15 passenger van with the two year old and 10 month old in the back of the car screaming!!! So I promptly grabbed the only food I could find...frosted shredded wheat...and tried to successfully throw them at the kids without was a pretty comical scene. I did manage to hit them at least close enough for them to get one. My two year old pretty much thought I lost my mind, since I was throwing food at her!!!

Wow, how do I do it with out the big kids? Obviously not very well since the 2 year-olds carseat tipped over after I took a turn...the kids fasten the seats better than I do.

I never remember eating in the car as a kid!!! Even for 8 hour drives for family vacations. (Which when I was young meant going to visit all your relatives who lived far away) My mom would pack food-real food, and we would stop at a side road picnic area or park. There weren't fast food stops or fast food plazas. I guess that is why my car looks the way it does...(good thing I don't know how to post pictures yet...and my husband doesn't know I am writing this...or there would be a scary picture of what it looks like) Let me just say that when a dad with one child came over to ask me a question at VBS the other day, he said, "so this is what a vehicle looks like when you have 11 kids"..of course I didn't explain to him that we just finished 2 weeks of tennis lessons, swim team, tennis team, and swim lessons!!! Who am I kidding, it pretty much always looks like this. The kids even have a point system that when you open the door you get points for everything that falls out!!!

Welcome to a typical day in my life!!!

Thy will be done!!!+JMJ+


Soul Pockets said...
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Soul Pockets said...

I just found your blog. (and your husbands) I only have four kids and you would not imagine what my van looks like. I love the point system.

Rob said...

when i bought you that van last year, i did have a no food in the van rule. i believe you all broke it 5 times on the 2 mile ride from the dealer to our house :-P