Friday, July 11, 2008

Reality TV has nothing on us...

OK...we have the flu!!! Somehow we missed getting sick this winter so it caught us off guard.

11 month old-hopefully done
2 year old-too feisty to get sick...hopefully done
4 year old-thinks she is sick
6 year old-got sick this morning-hopefully done
8 year old-just got sick, says he feels fine...we shall see...
10 year old-ONLY ONE IN THE HOUSE WHO IS OK-is now in charge of the rest of teasing his little brother!!! Watch out-your next!!!
12 year old-done yesterday-taking care of us!!!
13 year old-up all night...the only one to miss the toilet!!! (friend with 10 siblings slept over last night...I guess her mom will never speak to me again-sorry)
15 year old-up all night dodging the bathrooms due to overflow problems
17 year old-home for vacation-up all night-reaffirmed his vocation-still sick!!!
18 year old-up all night-hates getting sick!!! Kept her light on all night as if it was a bad dream and would go away...o well!!!
ME-up all night, trying to be sympathetic and still sleep and throw up...

Thy Will Be Done!!!+JMJ+

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Dipi said...

Thanks so much for your mediations and words of wisdom. You so often give me something to mull over.
I pray your family gets well soon and that you get much needed rest over the next few days.