Tuesday, July 22, 2008



If you saw yesterday's post you will get to hear the rest of the story...

Why big families are important: (I am blessed to be the 9Th child in my family)

*so, when your car is breaking down...you can call your sister who lives close by
*so, you can borrow the car of a family of 11...who else would have a van big enough
*so, you have a sister who helps keep the kids cool...while waiting on the road for AAA
*so, you can laugh about the family van breaking down...again
*so, your brother can remind you of the time...the tire blew up on the same highway
*so, you can get your binoculars out with your other two brothers...and watch 5 state troopers drive by without checking on you
*so, when your sister gets there with the van...you can leave her with the tow truck driver
*so, when you walk in your hot house that has been closed up...your kids can watch the babies while you get the clothes ready for the family portrait
*so, you can have 15 kids singing Happy Birthday to Boompa...who thinks he is too young to have all these grandkids
*so, you have someone to get your picture with...how to you do a picture with all girls or just boys if you are the only one
*so, you have someone to share Italian Ice with...and talk about it taking 43min to take all those pictures
*so, at night you have someone to talk about your weekend with...and how mom actually let you touch a G U N
*so, when you wake up you have someone to split the left over "sugar" cereal with...who thought you could spilt 1/3 of a box 6 ways
*so, when mom has to take your brother to the airport...you have a shoulder to cry on
*so, when mom has to drive hours away to pick up the van...you have big sisters to watch you
*so, when you need the cell# of your brother or sister...you can call your other sister to get it
*so, when you need a person to help you drop a car off...you can call your big brother and have him do it...
*so, when you can't find the van key...your big brother can pray to St. Anthony
*so, when you leave three car seats at the car shop...your big sister can call you and tell you to go back
*so, when you go back...you can call your sister and laugh/cry at the day you have had
*so, when you get home...you can hug your big family!!!

Thy Will Be Done!!!+JMJ+

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Rob said...

you almost make me wish i had brothers and sisters