Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my town is so great...

As I sat and watched my two young girls playing at the playground at the pool where I used to play, I laughed at remembering the great times I had there. They don’t believe me when I tell them that, that very plain old climber used to be Cinderella’s carriage with riding horses in front of it. Wow, 30 years flies by fast.

It is memories like those that have helped me convince a friend of mine to move to my town…or I should say “try”. Her family is having difficulty (like everyone else) selling. I laughed when she said, “I like someone who is proud of their town!” I especially want others to be so too.

What is it that makes my town so great? I truly believe it is those of us who grew up here and appreciate the family values we were taught and stuck around to share them!!! I do admit I have made friends with “some” people who didn’t grow up here and even worse…people who didn’t marry someone from who grew up here.

I felt really old a couple of weeks ago when I went to an ordination of a young man who I used to babysit. The day started off great when I went to the Shrine in Washington and saw about six men from my town who minister to those in the Washington area. The day ended with a great ceremony in the historic chapel at Sacred Heart where the newly ordained shared how special it was to be celebrating his first mass in the chapel where he was baptized! Now how many people can say that! I got chills at the thought of another great family who made a difference here.

All this adds to the sadness I feel when I see houses up for sale or I hear that great families are leaving. I realize that many are being transferred and it is important for some to spread their wings or make educational decisions for their family. I just feel semi responsible for them not staying (as if being a mom of 11 doesn’t bring about enough guilt). Didn’t I help them feel at home here? Am I not helping my town be as great as it could be? How can we keep this town an amazing place to live?

I remember when neighborhoods were places where everyone knew each other, when you never thought twice about sending your kid next door to borrow a cup of sugar. These days people don’t even know their neighbors or no one is ever home to get to know in the first place. Not so long ago you could look around your neighborhood and name the families and say that they lived here for 40, 30 or 25 years. Unfortunately people are so transient in this area, that by the time you know their name, they are off to move again.

I know this will sound strange to many, but when my parents lived here moms didn’t have a car to run around in. Some didn’t even have their license! Wow, that would rock the world, wouldn’t it!!! No more “mom’s taxi” bumper stickers…and families would actually eat together at dinner time! Now that’s a foreign thought this day and age! (And no, I am not that old!!!)I have said this before, but it is so true, we need to try to make a difference in our towns with ourselves, our families, and our community so people will want to come here and not leave. Let us look around and find the good and positive things about our wonderful town. See who needs help in your neighborhood, and help them.

It is people who can keep a town a great place to be...let's be those people!!!

Thy Will Be Done!!!+JMJ+

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Gretchen said...

Awesome post and so true! We live in a small town (about 7,000) and it's a wonderful town. I, too, get sad that people leave for the wrong reasons. I get very defensive!

We've had a neighborhood block party for 2 years with wonderful turnout. Might be fun to try!