Wednesday, February 8, 2017

White Chicken Chili

White chicken chili
(thanks Cheryl and Kathy)
Simmer the following in a big pot: 
1medium onion
1medium chopped green pepper
1tablespoon margarine

Once they have softened add 1-2 cups chopped precooked chicken to the onions/pepper

When these items are good and hot,
ADD 3 cans cannellini beans (white beans, can be hard to find at some stores), add the juice from the beans too!
Add 1-2 packages of chili seasoning mix…depending on how flavorful you like your chili

Mix these with the beans, chicken, veggies.
Now Add 
1 Large can or crushed tomatoes (28oz can)
2 15oz cans of whole or (petite diced tomatoes)
1 can of corn (drain water before adding to mix)

Stir all these ingredients together and let it get hot.  

Taste the chili to see if you think needs more flavor.  Then add the last ingredient
1/3 cup of sugar (really helps to bring out the flavor of the tomatoes)

Thy Will Be Done!!! +JMJ+Whit

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Adult kids living at home...

Over 18 living at home contract:
Two kids married and four over 18 living at we try to make it work...

We love you all and enjoy having you (and your stuff) in our home. We are so proud of you for all your hard work and paying for your own school and expenses. Our goal for you when you are 18 and over is to help you obtain the Will of God and remain pure and free from mortal sins. This being said, we thought of some easy but helpful things we would like you to do as a “rent” to live here.
1. Clean up after yourself (bathroom, kitchen, laundry)
2. Be kind and helpful to your siblings
3. Protect the innocence of your younger siblings by what you watch, listen, or do…please don’t let them use your phones or other devices without permission from us.
4. Keep your room tidy
5. Please attend one extra mass a week and try to get to monthly confession.  We know how hard this time in life is with many important decisions and temptations, having some extra graces, wisdom, and quiet time always helps.
6.Help with house work (special cleaning projects) and school with the younger kids. Especially the kitchen, bathrooms, and extra tutoring with the little kids. 

We know you are all busy with work and school but we also feel like you find time to watch your laptop or spend time on the phone but you don’t seem to find the time and energy to help around the house, so you choose what you would like to do to contribute to our home. 
Choice A: follow the above 6 suggestions
Choice B: Pay Rent $25 a month to help hire a cleaning lady and pay for tutoring.

+JMJ+ Love, Dad and Mom 

Friday, December 30, 2016

When I am discourged about my parenting...

My favorite Christmas gift: Notes from my big kids to help me when I feel discouraged with my little guys:

* “You taught me how to read. Read us books, took us for walks, and didn’t let us watch TV!” –Alex

*“Thank you for making it “normal” and “cool” to be Catholic, especially for surrounding me with great friends when I was younger, it made it easier for me to be good.”  –Josh

*“Mom always taught me to work hard and go the extra mile. By encouraging us to get jobs, and work for everything we wanted. She instilled a motivation and drive in all of us that has given myself and the rest of us kids great success.” – Caleb

*“You taught us to work hard and how to earn things and be independent. You didn’t let us get away with stuff.” –Lizzie

*“You taught us how to be self-sufficient.” –Barbara
*“By homeschooling us, no dating till 18, and no iphones until 17”. – Joey

*“Always there to talk to” –Robert

*“Homeschooling us!” -Dominic

Thy Will Be Done!!! +JMJ+


I thought I used to be a good mom. This weekend made me feel like a failure! Having 8 boys and foster baby being a boy makes #9 makes me shake my head often! Especially since growing up I constantly mentioned that I had four big brothers! I always felt like it was such a big deal. When I had baby boy number five I was in shock!

My three youngest boys are typical boys but add to that five big brothers with lots of  "character" and big ideas of what is funny (aka rude).

This weekend was one of the worst with the boys or maybe it is the lack of sleep I have had with a five week old who is up every 3 hours.

It started Friday after mass and school, the house was (is) a mess and the weather was hot and sticky. The boys were bouncing off the walls and going crazy all day. My 9 year old was bored (not allowed) and sitting in the kitchen messing with the phone while I made dinner. As he dialed 911-23 he hung up and ran to the bathroom. Phone one could get it and I was knee deep in chicken. About 5 minutes goes by and 2 very friendly police officers knock on the door to make sure everything was all right. Of course I knew what happened the minute I saw the police what had happened.

After I explained to the very kind  officer what happened, I made sure to explain to my son with the officers standing there, how because of what he did the officers were taken away from their duty!

Lord Bless and protect my children!

+JMJ+ Thy will be done!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

4 Spiritual Habits for Homeschooling

My Daughter's friend interviewed me for this article...she just re-posted it so I thought I would share:

4 Spiritual Habits for Homeschooling, Whether with 1 or 13 Kids

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be homeschooling my 3-year-old son for preschool, I probably would have laughed.
Not that I had anything against homeschooling; I knew a wonderful homeschooling family growing up, the Fatzingers, but it was never something I had considered for my family.
I always assumed our children would attend Catholic school like my husband and I had done.
However, during a discussion at a mother’s group of our children’s education prospects and the actual cost of private school, homeschooling entered the radar for the first time for my family. I spent the next year or so anxiously pondering my son’s education until I heard the Holy Spirit tell me while I was praying the rosary one day to just try it.
My husband and I figured preschool was the best time to “try it” because it’s not required in our state and, like I tell everyone who asks, even if it’s an epic failure, it won’t scar my child for life; it is only preschool after all.
So here we are. We are venturing into the world of homeschooling with our son and using the Seton preschool curriculum.
We chose Seton because I immediately fell in love with Seton’s Early Literacy for Young Catholics Pre-K Activity Book, and a woman in my mother’s group has been using Seton for years with great success.
Knowing I had to spiritually prepare myself for this year-long battle, I turned to Sam Fatzinger for her words of wisdom and advice. When I was growing up, she was a friend of my parents’ while her older kids were the same age as my siblings and me.
With 13 kids, her youngest child is the same age as my oldest, and I consider her an excellent mentor.
She offered four spiritual habits she has used through the years that have already helped me as I start this adventure:

1. Load up on graces.

While packing the car with many young kids early in the morning to attend daily Mass was a challenge, Sam knew the graces would be worth it.
“I have been going to daily Mass since I was 16,” she said. “It has been a source of strength and wisdom for me ever since. Any big or small decision I have needed to make has come from the grace I receive from the Eucharist.”
Going to Mass is a little easier now with older kids able to babysit, but even when she has to schlep everyone with her, she knows it’s good for her and her family. Plus, it’s part of their religion curriculum, so “Check! One class done for the day,” she said.
Another way Sam covers herself with graces is by attending a silent retreat once a year. She never knows what challenges the upcoming year will bring, so it’s important for her to devote an entire weekend to prayer.
“During that retreat, God pours down all the graces I’ll need to get me through the year,” she said.

2. Draw close to the saints.

Sam said she used to pray a novena leading up the first day of school, but now she finds herself praying to the saints constantly. For example, if she sees one child struggling, she’ll pray through that child’s patron saint for him. St. John Bosco, St. John Vianney, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Martha and St. Joseph are other particular favorites.
“I think the saints are sitting up there just waiting for us to ask for their help,” Sam said.
In January, she has each child pick a saint at random through the website, and she encourages them to learn about and grow closer to the saint throughout the year.
They used to celebrate the kids’ feast days in a big way, but between that, birthdays, Baptism days and other big occasions, “we were eating cake every day,” she said. However, even without the big celebrations, dedication to the saints is a big part of their daily lives.

3. Pray throughout the day.

Sam laughs when, upon seeing a candle lit in the house, her children ask, “Who’s in labor?”
She’s gotten in the habit through the years to light a candle as a reminder to pray for a specific intention throughout the day, and yes, most of the time it’s for a woman in labor. She and her friends also often make an agreement, when some of them are going through a hard time, to set their kitchen timer every hour on the hour and say a quick prayer for the friend.
She prays the Angelus at noon with her kids (“whoever’s in earshot,” she said) and she puts on a Divine Mercy YouTube video at 3 p.m. for her kids to watch and for her to overhear while she gets ready for dinner.
“Every time things start to get crazy in the house, I think, OK, when was the last time I went to confession? Did I say my morning prayer today? Did I have quiet time today? Have I taken time for spiritual reading? Have we said a family rosary recently? When those are off, that’s when school falls apart,” Sam said.

4. Be confident in your vocation.

For Sam, homeschooling is not a 9-month job during the year; it’s an ongoing part of her vocation as a mother and something she always knew she was called to do even when it required sacrifice.
Having 13 kids in 23 years and homeschooling them on one person’s salary is truly a radical choice in today’s world. Sam laughed when she said one of her daughters knows the family is rich now because they buy paper towels, showing that “they went without so much for so long,” she said.
However, even though they went without some things, they were also given unexpected gifts.
“No one said, when we said ‘yes’ to being open to life 26 years ago, that in 1994, someone will give you a car, and you’ll get this awesome deal on a Cape Cod. In 1999, you’re going to get this huge foreclosure of a house and get it for a steal. In 2001, someone will put $500 on your doorstep,” she said.
“God doesn’t tell you that. He just says, ‘Trust me, have faith, be open to life, be open to what I have in store for you.’”

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My 21st...first day of school as a Homeschooling mommy...

First Day of school...

Pretty funny that I have been homeschooling for 21 years! Each year with its different challenges and exciting changes. Many, many years in the beginning had a new baby or a tired pregnant mommy, but we made it through each year! I have successfully graduated my seven oldest!

Child #1 graduated with her masters at age 21, debt free and is now married, expecting baby #2 and is an evening hospital social worker. Child #2 graduated debt free and is now a FOCUS Catholic Missionary in Nebraska, getting married in November. Child #3 graduated debt free and is now in his last year of Physical Therapy School getting his doctorate degree and unfortunately had to take a loan. Child #4 graduated last year debt free and is now teaching high school math. Child #5 is a senior who is graduating debt free this May. Child #6 is a sophomore at the Community College and planning to transfer next Fall. Child #7 is a freshman in Comm. College. Child #8 is  in 10th grade, #9 is 8th grade, they go to a two day Tutorial. The last four are 6th, 4th, 2nd. and pre K! Our family has been blessed with a five week old foster baby that we got four weeks ago from an agency called SAFE FAMILIES .

Having a new baby in the house has added lots more fun and lots less sleep for me but its all worth it when the kids fight over who gets to hold him!

Each year when my college kids get their grades back I send a message to my younger homeschool mom friends saying, "See it works!!! By the grace of God they must of learned something all those crazy pregnant, diaper changing, nursing years!!! "

God always blesses us with so many graces we just have to trust in His wisdom to overcome the obstacles and know He is in control! A wise priest gave me a fantastic penance this summer..."PRAY LIKE MARY, SO YOU CAN WORK LIKE MARTHA!" love that advice and plan to try to use it always!

Hope you are having a good new school year! Pray for all families dealing with change and anxiety!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Very proud of my husband and my college graduates!
See article below from the Washington Post:

Thy Will Be done!!! +JMJ+