Friday, July 25, 2008

IMITATION OF CHRIST: meditation of the day...

MONASTIC LIFE (these next few chapters in the Imitation of Christ on religious life have something to say to me, so I will touch on them for the next couple of days)

IF YOU wish peace and concord with others, you must learn to break your will in many things. To live in monasteries or religious communities, (or families) to remain there without complaint, and to persevere faithfully till death is no small matter. Blessed indeed is he who there lives a good life and there ends his days in happiness. (our little churches)

If you would persevere in seeking perfection, you must consider yourself a pilgrim, an exile on earth. If you would become a religious, you must be content to seem a fool for the sake of Christ. (St.Francis) Habit and tonsure change a man but little; it is the change of life, the complete mortification of passions that endow a true religious. (what mom doesn't feel like a mortified half the time?)

He who seeks anything but God alone and the salvation of his soul will find only trouble and grief, and he who does not try to become the least, the servant of all, cannot remain at peace for long. (sounds like a description of a mom to me!!!)

You have come to serve, not to rule. You must understand, too, that you have been called to suffer and to work, not to idle and gossip (be on the computer) away your time. Here men are tried as gold in a furnace. Here no man can remain unless he desires with all his heart to humble himself before God. (serve not rule/suffer and work/not waste time/humble self:prescription for the day/month/year/life!!!)

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