Friday, August 1, 2008

IMITATION OF CHRIST: meditation of the day...


More than this, the security of the saints was always enveloped in the fear (respect) of God, nor were they less cautious and humble because they were conspicuous (noticeable) for great virtues and graces. The security of the wicked, on the contrary, springs from pride and presumption, and will end in their own deception.

Never promise yourself security in this life, even though you seem to be a good religious, or a devout hermit.(or lay person) It happens very often that those whom men esteem highly are more seriously endangered by their own excessive confidence. Hence, for many it is better not to be too free from temptations, but often to be tried lest they become too secure, too filled with pride, or even too eager to fall back upon external comforts.

If only a man would never seek passing joys or entangle himself with worldly affairs, what a good conscience he would have. What great peace and tranquillity would be his, if he cut himself off from all empty care and thought only of things divine, things helpful to his soul, and put all his trust in God.

No man deserves the consolation of heaven unless he persistently arouses himself to holy contrition.(or the dishes) If you desire true sorrow of heart, seek the privacy of your cell (don't we wish we could hide) and shut out the uproar (screaming kids) of the world, as it is written: "In your chamber bewail your sins." There you will find what too often you lose abroad. (Obviously as moms we must embrace our state in life)

Your cell will become dear to you* if you remain in it, but if you do not, it will become wearisome. If in the beginning of your religious life, you live within your cell and keep to it, it will soon become a special friend and a very great comfort. (again, in our state in life as lay people, it is important to have a spot to meditate, regroup, and get inspiration)

In silence and quiet the devout soul advances in virtue and learns the hidden truths of Scripture. There she finds a flood of tears with which to bathe and cleanse herself nightly, that she may become the more intimate with her Creator the farther she withdraws from all the tumult of the world. For God and His holy angels will draw near to him who withdraws from friends and acquaintances. (different temperaments have different struggles...some of us need to make ourselves be with friends and others need to find peace in solitude!!!)

It is better for a man to be obscure and to attend to his salvation (family) than to neglect it and work miracles.
(my old pastor used to say, "Why is everyone running all over to see miracles? There is a miracle on this alter everyday!")

*our cell: for those married, we need to make our bedrooms a haven...I really am trying to work on this. Our bedroom is downstairs and it gets the brink of junk stuffed in last minute when company is coming. I am putting on my calender a day each week to keep up on this. Only through the grace of God will I be able to maintain order in there.

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Mau said...

Sam, I just recently started making our room a haven. It's the one room I actually have complete control in and it is so nice to be able to go into one room where it is clean and peaceful! It used to be the last room cleaned around here. Now it is the first. It makes it a nicer place to say my prayers in solitude too :-)