Saturday, September 15, 2012

My baby boy:

What a great day you had...If all little children could only be loved so much! All I heard all afternoon from your big brothers and sisters was we never had this many gifts...well, that's because they bought them for you! What an honor to have all 11 of your siblings, your foster baby, plus some friends, Geama, and Aunt Betsy here too!

Look at all my babies!!! What a smiling time!!!

Even though you had to go to one of the three soccer games were great...this is a funny picture of us all cheering on my almost 9 year old daughter in her very first soccer game!!! Once again, I had to hear from the big kids about how we hardly ever went to "their" games...Guilt!!!  I said..."Well, we have lots of drivers now!"...even though I had my 15 passenger took 6 cars to get all these people here from all their activities...but we made it and she played great..."Go Mary, Go Mary...the other team is hairy...they are really, really scary! Go Mary!

Your baptism with your God parents...and big sister and brother

We love you so are such a blessing...stay close to Jesus all the days of your life!!!
Thy will be done!!! +JMJ+

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