Sunday, September 16, 2012

17 day diet-Day 16:

Day 16 weigh in...148.8 lbs
Day 1 weigh in...158.2 lbs
almost 10 lbs exactly

Today I just wasn't that hungry...
Breakfast: chobani peach yogurt at a soccer game
Late Lunch: salad with chicken
snack: celery
dinner: a little of Fat flush soup which I changed around a bit
drank my tea...4 of my 8 waters

Ran two miles.

Tomorrow is day 17! I am  not sure what I am gonna do on day 18...may take a break or go to phase 2.

Mentally I need a break. My heart is not in this right now...I still am way farther away from the healing I need from the loss of my baby Steven Thomas. I was hoping this would give me something to keep my mind off my sadness. I know that when I exercise and eat healthy it is good for me, but my heart craves for my pregnant belly and my baby moving around again! 

It is two months today since my water broke. My husband and I are having a tough time finding the words to express our loss. WE ARE TOTALLY grateful for our 12 amazing children and we are so blessed to have the miracle of our foster baby who keeps us all smiling...but, we still have a wound that needs to heal. We just got back from holy hour where we just kinda sat and held each other and cried asking God to help us. 

We know He is in control and we are so grateful for our, what do people do during suffering without the consolation of Christ?

Off to bed dreaming of my wonderful family!!! 

This picture makes me laugh...I need a good laugh right now...gonna get our foster baby a Thing 13 for Christmas if we still have him! Please Lord, let us adopt him!


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Robin E. said...

Sam, I hope you get to adopt the little guy. He would be in good hands. :) Still praying for you, and will continue.