Saturday, September 8, 2012

17 day diet: day 8

Day 8:
Yippee! Day 8: 149.8! 
Started on Sept 1st at 158.2 making it 8.2 lbs just by cutting out junk, eating healthy, and exercise...NO DIET SUPPLEMENTS or gimmicks!!!

So I had:
breakfast: peach chobani yogurt
lunch: chicken breast blueberry chobani yogurt
dinner: salad and 2 turkey burgers

Ran: 2.02 miles (my marathon husband said I just ran 2...but I want credit for the .02!)

Had my hot lemon water and 4 green teas and about half my water.

My husband orders me a big box of 6 boxes of green tea from amazon the reason I like it so much is four tea bags come in a small sealed bag. So I take out one a day and know if I drank my four teas!


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