Tuesday, September 11, 2012

17 day diet: day 11:

Day 11:

 Weigh in:
151lbs: TOTAL bummer-I gained 1 1/2 lbs or so---not sure how much cuz yesterday my sardonic husband thought it would be funny to change the scale to metric ...then he laughed this morning when I gained and said to the kids..."hey guys the weight gain powder we put in mom's food is working!" Yes, I hit him! All I have to say is muscle weighs more!

Greek yogurt & peaches

snack: red grapes

Yummy taco salad boats...If you didn't notice yet...I make a huge batch of turkey taco meat at the beginning of the week and put it in everything!

The last of my taco meat...some chicken and steamed broccoli.
I had a really lame workout...only 45 minutes today...so I could get to the grocery store.

On Tues/Thurs I use an ARC Trainer. Some days I go super easy. I did the arc for 45min on resistance of 30... plus I use 2lb hand weights in each hand doing arm lifts/boxing punches, and just pumping my arms with them. Not sure how I would do without my ipod. I have an hour worth of Christian pop music that really helps me get moving. Then home to shower and wait for the babies to wake up!

Hopefully I will have a better workout tomorrow. 
I don't like going to the gym but at least I usually feel good afterwards.         

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