Tuesday, September 4, 2012

17 day diet: day 4:

Day 4:
Weigh in: 153.6
Gym from 5-6am did one hour on the arc machine.

On Tues/Thurs I use an ARC Trainer. Some days I go super easy. I did the arc for one hour on resistance of 30, it ended up 2.33 miles and I burned  592 calories... plus I use 2lb hand weights in each hand doing arm lifts/boxing punches, and just pumping my arms with them. Not sure how I would do without my ipod. I have an hour worth of Christian pop music that really helps me get moving. Then home to shower and wait for the babies to wake up!
Breakfast: 3 eggs whites and 1 yellow omlete with taco meat. I just cook up a bunch of turkey meat during the week and use it in different ways...tacos, taco salad, to munch on, with all meals, and to add to stuff like stuffed mushroom caps...I don't need alot of variety cuz I am happy with my simple meals over and over...but there are alot of great 17day diet recipes.

For lunch I had flounder,carrots, and cucumbers...This is dinner: I had chicken and mushrooms and carrots...for a snack I had FAGE yogurt.

Drank my lemon water
4 green teas
8 eight oz of water

See you tomorrow!

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