Thursday, September 6, 2012

17 day diet: day 6-

Weigh in:
151.4 (started at 158.2 SIX DAYS AGO)

First of all...I got to the gym around 5am...there was someone on my ARC machine!!! What's up with that...hey is 5 am...go home and go to bed...this is my machine that I have been working out on for almost a of course I was so put out...and had to choose from one of the other 30 ARC machines!!! So, I couldn't get this one to show me how fast I was going and I ended up doing much slower the first mile! I did one hour =2.31 miles and 586 calories, plus I was using my 3 lb hand weights. It was a slow and hard workout...the good news is since I was on a new machine, I looked at it differently and realized there was a fan on it...go figure, I have been sweating my head off all this time and never saw a next time I will definitely use the helped a lot. I wasn't totally dripping like usual!

Fage yogurt mixed with chobani blueberry
Bowl of strawberries and red grapes

taco salad

Left over Chicken breast
(I made great broccoli but last minute I put butter on it for the family...I was so bummed!)

yogurt & carrots

Hot lemon water this morning
6 of my 8 oz of water
2 of my 4 green teas
working on this!

Overall I had a bad day...with school starting this week-my house has been trashed and the kids driving me crazy...Thank God I have a loving husband who believes in home schooling or I would be in big trouble.    Hoping for a better day tomorrow!


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