Sunday, September 9, 2012

17 Day diet: Day 9

Day 9:
We lost our internet/phones/cable yesterday...then we had a wind storm and lost power...I lost lots of stuff but weight yesterday!

I weighed 150 lbs...all three times I got on the scale!

I actually gained .2 lbs. I know why too...I didn't drink much water...which means I didn't go to the bathroom much...a good pee would of brought me back down to 149.8 !

Greek yogurt - with lots of fresh peaches in it (and a truvia)

taco meat and sauteed spinach

chicken and cherry tomatoes

***This time doing this diet...I am not as hungry as the last two times I did it, I think cause I am so busy.

Hot lemon water this morning
6 of my 8 oz of water
3 green teas

Ran 2.02 miles around my wonderful neighborhood

Best of all I got to go to HOLY HOUR tonight and spend some time with my best friend ~ Jesus! 
Still trying to shake this sadness and take care of my family and my home...I am sure I can do it...
Cause I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13


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