Sunday, September 2, 2012

17 Day Diet: Day 2: 2 down...this time I am not as hungry as I was the first time I did this. The first time I ate all day...just the foods "I could!"

So here today's in review:
*please excuse the cell phone isn't that fancy!

Weigh in 156 (lost 2.2lbs) reminder: you lose an average of 1/2 lbs a day during the 17days...some days more some less...some days none.

FAGE yogurt
bowl of strawberries and red grapes

Snack at the pool: 
more grapes and strawberries

Taco salad

Snack at the pool party:
Chicken breast on the grill

cherry tomatoes
roasted broccoli
1/2 chicken breast (cuz my darling teenager ate my other chicken!)

Started day off with my hot lemon water
Drank 8 eight oz things of water
Had 2 mugs of green tea (I try to do 3-4 caff free a day) need to work on this...(easier in winter)

More tomorrow!

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