Thursday, August 6, 2009

They are running a muck...


I am not into exercise like my husband...

Thursday is his long run day. He runs anywhere from 24-28miles on that day, then the other days he relaxes with short 10 miles or so. We have a deal, he can exercise as much as he wants as long as it doesn't affect me or the he chooses to run at 4:30 am...yes in the morning!!! Any weather he is out there, rain, sleet, storms, snow, or ice...he is out there.

This morning as my hubby was out running, my 16 year old headed out about 7:30 for a quick training run, then my hubby stopped by for his refill (which he leaves outside waiting), as he went back out, my three little boys and a cousin headed out to run the neighborhood.

Now if I could only persuade someone to take out baby E for a run, I could sleep in!!!


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Mary @ Cheerios said...

ha ha! This sounds sooooo familiar as in my house!!! My hubby's long run is on Sat/ or Sundays. He is up to 20 miles this weekend. the other days are anywhere from 6-10 miles too. Too bad we don't live closer we could have coffee together while our men sweat! ha ha.
We have the same deal-up early to run for him and he better not wake me or the kids on his way out! So far so good, most days.
God bless,