Wednesday, August 19, 2009


They must not make ugly clothes took me about 15 min to find this picture on line...

I am hitting the point where even my big maternity close are felling uncomfortable. They are getting tight and unattractive. So if you have an extra large muu muu from your great grandmother laying around send it my way.



Rob said...

oh stop it! your are so lovely

Anonymous said...

Rob is right! But you are so lucky to have a husband who gets it! I think all the time about how much grace there must really be in the sacrament of marriage when my husband actually thinks I am attractive, even at the end of a pregnancy and then in the deflated, overstretched-balloon-looking year after the pregnancy!
Those muumuu things are at the discount department stores like Ross and Marshalls. I think they are making a comeback!

momto5minnies said...

Noooo ... no muu muu!

I remember my pants no longer fitting around the girth of my belly. I just wore them low with a belt around my hips. I think they make those belly bands. Can you just wear them around your hips and find longer tops? Of course I haven't been pregnant for a few years and who knows what maternity items are out there.

I'll be quiet now ;)