Thursday, August 20, 2009

Field trips...

Have you ever just looked at all the beautiful field trip and vacation pictures in the blog world ??? It can get pretty discouraging if you are in the state in life where it is just too hard to drag everyone somewhere.

We live in the field trip capital of the world!!! I have Washington/Baltimore/ and Annapolis all less than a half hour from my door step!!!

On one hand I remember the days when my hubby and I would drag the kids all over to have the mother of all field trips...on the other hand, I remember the crying toddlers, unappreciated kids, frustrated husband, and the sore legged pregnant mommy!!!

I have had to "offer up" my ideals for the perfect field/day trip and realize that our all time decision of "what is best for the entire family motto" must trump!!! Don't get me wrong...we are not hermits by any means!!! It may mean that we do only one group field trip a year or a season.

I have been surrounded by amazing friends and family who offer to "pick up" a couple of kids at a time to bring them along on their trips. Or better yet my teenagers friends who don't have little siblings offer to take some of the kids on recently when Becca (19) and Amanda (16) took the 3 and 5 year old to the zoo and a tea party on another day. It is nice to be able to accommodate those who don't have little guys to hang with...

So maybe that will be my new home business..."rent a sibling" pick your age and sex and we will help you find a little sibling on any day of the week!!!


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