Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have about two weeks left of this what it seems, very long pregnancy. I can't wait to sit and cuddle and nurse my precious one.

I pretty much am on particle couch rest...I sit, I do dishes, I sit again, I do laundry, I sit some more, I clean the kitchen, I sit again, I go the bathroom, I lay on the couch, I read the kids a book, I readjust myself on the get the picture!!!

So as I spent the night getting three soccer schedules (one college, two middle school) and a lax schedule on my calendar I just shook my head at the fall to come...oh, did I mention school with a newborn? Silly me!!! WE start on Sept 8th, Our Lady's Birthday!!! I am not motivated like most of my other friends who already started school before Labor Day in this house...see tomorrow's post!!!

One way to organize our home, especially with #12 due soon is to limit activities. You wouldn't know it by my calendar...but we usually don't let our younger kids do extracurricular (out of the house) activities. Especially sports. Not that we think sports or other things like ballet are bad...we just need to limit what the kids are doing and all the running around!!! We usually start at about 9 or 10 pending on the season or the sport.

Gotta is time for my sitting routine to start!!!


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momto5minnies said...

I hope you can enjoy this bit of "couch time". I can only imagine what your calendar looks like (LOL).