Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog wars...

Many of you know my wonderful husband has a blog...

What you don't know is what it is like in our home. When I was thinking and praying about starting a blog my husband just kinda laughed...when a priest friend came over for dinner one night he sat with me and helped me create "THY WILL BE DONE" my very own blog. Later that month I couldn't even remember the difference between my password and my new email. My priest friend wasn't able to come over and help me. So, I asked my dear husband who is a computer wiz to took awhile, but he was so sick of hearing me whine, he decided to help....

All of a sudden, a blog monster came out...he started posting for me, changing my back ground, and adding all sorts of stuff to my blog. I said, "don't write that, people will think I said it"...and those who read Sardonic Catholic Dad, know, I would not say what
he says!!! So, one day he started his own blog and was a blogaholic, he posted all the was great, a new outlet for his hysterical sarcastic self was born!!! The crazy thing is, everyone liked it, he had droves of people going on his blog getting a great laugh!!! Here I was praying over every post, asking God to give me wisdom to touch others and I couldn't seem to touch people the way he did!!! One day he came home and said, hey honey, Danielle Bean linked to me today!!! What? One of my "hero's?" to you? You and your cynical self? It was a great source of joy for him to bring up daily.

He had installed site meters to both of our blogs. One day I came home from somewhere and he and the kids started laughing!!! He had a big dry erase board set up in the kitchen with both our "hits" for the day...
So, the blog snob was born!!!

He even had the nerve last month to say, "hey honey, look I got more hits daily during the
month I didn't post, than you did!!!"

One day when I was planning on posting something he gave me advice..."you should post the story about when you accidentally bought thong maternity underwear. You know if you had more potty stories like me, you would get more people to go to your blog!!!"

Well, I did get lots of people laughing when I told the
story about my daughter in the porta potty!!!

But, I just wouldn't be me...and one sardonic blogger in the family is enough!!!

BTW...I took the thong maternity underwear back, I couldn't even bear to open the pack!!! To think they would make such a thing makes me sick to my stomach!!! I can't understand thongs in the first place...I spend enough time trying to keep underwear out, why would people want to purposely buy things to go there???


Dipi said...

Sam, I love reading Rob's blog for a laugh without having to use much of my brain. His blog is useful to refer to in conversation when his easy to remember one liners back up a point I'm trying to make (and let me off the hook a little) about having 'another' baby, or hoping for a large family, or talking about Mass.
I love reading your blog when I am ready for inspiration, need advice/help regarding family life, want to find previous interesting info or links about all sorts of things or just want to read about another mother coping through daily life and homeschooling.
You both cater to such different 'needs' of mine that I hope you don't compare too much or end up changing your blog you be more like your husbands.

Love from Australia

Dipi said...

P.S. I'm glad you don't post about IDOL!

Mau said...


I love both of your blogs. Like Dipi, I read Rob's for a laugh (and I often feel I need to go to confession afterward!) I read yours for spiritual inspiration and great family life and homeschooling advice.

If I were you, I would not let Rob see this "despairwear" t-shirt:

Have a Blessed week!

Rob said...

Dipi i'm starting to wish i didn't post about Idol....i did it last year as a joke and ended up like this

Mau - and I often feel I need to go to confession afterward!

I'm honored and touched!

Do you think that t-shirt comes in maternity size?

Party of Eight said...

Hi Sam, I agree with dipi and mau. It's kinda like Rob's blog is me, and your blog is who I want to be. HA?

danielle said...

Sam, I just linked to Rob. And now I am totally linking up this post too. Fair is fair!