Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Every year I go on a weekend retreat to rejuvenate my soul. I usually plan it during Lent. Every year I either bring a nursing infant or I am pregnant. Last year I brought my baby E, this year I get to bring my unborn babe.

It took years for me to get up the nerve to leave my other children. I didn't ever leave them...and it was so much to ask of my husband. (at the time there were 5 kids under 7) So one day my wonderful husband sent me off and it has been a 11 year tradition!!! I have to say my pride was that no one could possibly take care of my kids, I was so proud, that I was missing out on some precious time with my Savior and Best Friend.

Since then, the kids old enough to talk have cheered when I told them I was going on retreat. Some have even had the nerve to come up to me and say, "hey mom, isn't it time for you to go on that retreat thing again?" Well, the time is coming up and my wicked children, even the little guys are counting down...YES, movies and party time with dad!!! The funny thing this year is that two of my teenagers (the ones who love me gone the most) will also be on retreat with their youth group!!! (ha-revenge) So they are going to squeeze the short hours that I will be gone before and after their retreat and have as much fun as they can...with me...the rule monger...gone!!!

So, I will bask in my silence and pray for my family as they are having the time of their lives with their crazy sardonic dad!!!



Mau said...

Hysterical! Don't they even miss you a little bit?

Party of Eight said...

I went on my first Catholic women's retreat about a month ago and I can see it becoming an annual tradition! It is nice to be a Mary instead of a Martha, for a change ;)