Sunday, March 1, 2009

Veteran Wisdom from women who have had 25 kids...

My kids told my not to make friends on line...but, when you meet incredible women like this one...who can help it!!!???+++ I hope I learn to be as wise and wonderful as Jo!!! See below for her great advice...and my "survival advice".

Veteran's Wisdom from JO:
Veteran's Wisdom from me:

1. Grind your own wheat and make your own bread.
We did the make your own bread thing...I found it expensive, messy, and time consuming. We get tons of bread weekly from our local food pantry...wheat, white, french, rolls, etc...

2. Eat mostly whole foods, and try to grow your own food in a garden.
Whole foods are great. Processed foods are expensive...we usually eat what is on sale. Love having a garden, but if my hubby and kids don't take care of gets taken over by weeds!!!

3. Use cloth diapers and a clothesline.
I love cloth diapers and my clothesline. I used cloth for about 7 years. I still have lots to use for toddlers out side or in the afternoon when it isn't worth waisting a disposable. Now we find generic on great sales! (we use a disposable till it really does its job!!!)

4. If you are just starting out, buy a really good sturdy crib and a top of the line stroller.
Eleven kids-and never bought a crib!!! We have had three up at a time too!!! We have very generous friends and family who give us theirs. Love a good stroller!!! Have bought some...found many on the curb, and get the others from friends or freecycle.

5. Buy preferably well made 100% cotton, wool, or silk clothing- don't put polyester on your kids it's like plastic. Buy 100% cotton sheets too-good brands at stores like TJ Maxx or Ross.
We love 100% cotton. But we wear and use what is given to us from friends and family. (which is always too much) My teens buy their own...

6. Shoes are not essential, but helpful. Buy good quality athletic shoes when you have to have them.
Again, whatever we are given. Teens buy their own, mom gets hers from an amazing consignment shop, that is another post!!!

7. Get acquainted with natural remedies and how to make your own.
Love natural remedies. Especially since I have been pregnant and nursing for 19 years!!! We still use occasional medication when necessary.

8. Making your own beer has its perks.
We don't drink...saves lots of $$$.

9. Learn to cut boys' hair at home-its not hard, and you recoup the cost of the clippers set in one month.
Always cut my boys hair...when they grow older they usually pay for their own trip to the barber or ask "Boompa" to take them.

10. Don't feed your baby formula or baby food- breastfeed and use bananas and oatmeal as first foods, after six months. This saves money, time and energy, and is better for the baby. When you need to master the schedule and get more, longer, and better sleep-before the baby is six months you can try a white rice mush with breast milk, but use a hand baby food grinder to get the texture right or if you have to buy the powdered rice cereal- but only if you are really desperate.
Always breast fed and never use baby food!!! Our kids nurse all the time...go to some yogurt and maybe cheerios when they are 6 months or so...then at 9 months they eat what we eat.


Christina Martin said...

Some of my favorite "baby foods" include: pumpkin or other squash, either baked or boiled and mashed. I've yet to meet a baby who doesn't love it. Peas, mashed with a fork or spoon. Plain yogurt, mixed with other foods like cereal or whatever you're eating for dinner. Hummus makes a great replacement for peanut butter, which they can't have in the first year, though it's a bit more expensive. However, it can go pretty far. And whatever you do, if you must buy baby food, avoid Beech Nut, which fills many of their foods with nutrient-free fillers and even harmful ingredients like high fructose corn syrup.

Mary said...

Sam, am I the only one who is confused on your "25 kids" post title?!
Are you saying that Jo has 25 kids?
WOW! We sure can learn from her AND YOU!
BTW, I have many of the same philosophies as you in regards to those items too-hand me downs are great- shoes, cribs, food -whatever! :) AND I am only 1/2 way to you- 6 kids! I guess you can say I think I am on the right track! ha ha
God bless,

sam said...

the title was suppost to make you think...I have 12 she has 13!!! I thought it would get peoples attention. +JMJ+

David said...

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