Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am going to touch on this post just a bit.

I can't really express what this past seven months have been like for my with my son away at the Seminary. Since he was little we have always been open to his future vocation, whatever it may be...I love to hear how happy he is and how he feels like he is right where God wants him right now.

I have been pleased that my other son has had two weekends with his brother and that my husband and the three little boys got to see him for a couple of days during Christmas break. And only a mother with a vocation can understand why I am counting down the 39 days till I will see him is a mom thing I guess.

I do know that just having him give God the first shot at his future vocation is comforting. I will continue to pray for my children and my son for THY WILL BE DONE!!!


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Anonymous said...

Amen! You know you have dig deeper and lift your heart higher by faith for the closeness we have in Christ even though parted in time and space, with our children with vocations. You know he is as close as Christ in love, in the Spirit, in the Eucharist and in prayer. But this is something we appropriate by faith and have to apply ourselves to with some effort.
One of the perks is that the prayers in faith of a mother of a child with a vocation are highly efficacious, kind of like the prayers of the mother of a large family. By your obedience of faith you have gained some prelude measure of attentiveness to your requests, as long as we use the privilege well, according to Truth and holiness. I know from experience in some things God is amazingly indulgent with my preferences. It could just be His extravagant love which is often really indulgent, but I rather think it is also a type of consolation.
In 39 days- is that Mothers' Day? Going to hang out at Cheshire for the day?