Saturday, March 21, 2009


MY boys are always saying this!!!

What is my game face...unfortunately it tends to be a scowl. I used to be a fun and laughing mom...then I had I don't mean to hit hard on the teens all the time, but I have to always have my game face on with them. Any time I think I understand them, put my guard down, or don't need to constantly "parent" them I get disappointed.

I have found that in the past couple of years my new game face is putting on makeup and jewelry. I am not a big one on make up. I even went about 10 years without wearing any. Jewelry on the other hand just didn't work with infants...but, I gave in and started wearing makeup, then earrings, and an occasional necklace here or there...I just moved up to lipstick...(are you happy now mom!!!)

It was then that I started feeling better about myself and my "professional" job as a wife and mother. I started getting away from my frumpy self and tried to look nice when my husband came home and giving myself an uplift in the morning, even if it was just moisturizer. Of course I have my days when I don't brush my teeth till lunch...but, I have come along way baby!!!

I have also found that I have been a much better example as a wife, mother, catholic, and homeschooler since I have made myself look more presentable. I get the comment often that I don't look like I am expecting my 12Th child...I guess I should take that as a compliment. I love being able to put aside the bad opinion people have of moms, catholics, and homeschoolers!!!

So let's all put on our game faces and show the world how awesome we can be!!!



Anonymous said...

I love this one, Sam! Our moms must distant relatives- my mom always thinks I need lipstick and a haircut or style or something...You look great without makeup and just with what looks like an ever-present tan! My latest joke is that the more weight I gain in this pregnancy the more makeup I wear- the darker the lip color---see the lips not the hips..I don't think anyone is fooled. But I never was one to be able to pull off the all natural look without the frump factor!

Rob said...

Your are gorgeous with or without makeup

Party of Eight said...

Good advice, Sam :D Some days are better than others!