Friday, March 27, 2009

Let me tell you how God helped me stay quiet on retreat...

Many of you know that I went away last week for a silent retreat. Each year I go, I work on the internal silence that better allows me to here what Christ is trying to tell me...This was my year not to bring a nursing infant-so I had big expectations!!!

Well...after our talk from Father about making the most of the retreat and watching our eye contact as well as our not talking, I got ready for bed...I showered and put moisturizer on my face...

I woke up Friday morning with my face covered with hives...I had an allergic reaction to the soap or moisturizer, which has never happened before. (when pregnant my body tends to over react to stuff)...I laughed as I thought about how well I would do at keeping my head down and hair over my face as much as possible...I kept thinking it would go away and even thought of calling my friend down the street to ask her to bring me some cortisone cream to help. It didn't itch and I figured it would go away soon...Sat it was still with me, more in just the eyes, when I went in for spiritual direction the priest asked if I had black eyes...then he said it was good I didn't have to go in public...Sunday the could tell that some of the ladies were shocked when they got a good look at me...Of course my job was to lead the meal prayers, so I could only hide so much...I think they thought I had a rough confession and was still crying!!! As soon as the retreat was over I hit the car and called my hubby to warn him and the kids of my "new look" of course being so sardonic he cracked up!!! He loved the raccoon jokes and my 3 year old daughter said I looked like Darth Vader+++

Well by Tues they pretty much were gone and I am my homely self again!!!

So much for my game face...oh, did I mention how I am working on humility this year!!!



Anonymous said...

Ok, in this situation the best recourse is a sense of humor, no!? But Aaackk! what a cross of sorts! Well, I am glad you are ok! back to normal! ( and homely is so not the appropriate adjective to describe you! )

Anonymous said...

What a way to work on humility. I can sympathize because I recently had an infection that lead to a scary looking face. I felt bad for the people who had to see me when I was in public.

It sounds like your retreat was wonderful though!