Monday, January 26, 2009

my caleb...SWEET 16!!!

It just took me 16 years to find the key to your heart...Rock Band?!@#+

You are always helping with the babies...even if "baby E" likes you more than me!!!

My Dear Sweet Caleb Boy…
Do you remember a cute little boy about six who proclaimed to his loving mommy, that when he grew up he wanted to be the patron saint of LEGO builders? I smiled so much that day…it made me feel like you actually understood what being a saint really meant. (Finding out your talents and what you are good at, and doing them for the Glory of God!!!)
I know we have had our differences and you don’t understand why I do what I do…but, I do it to help you become a better person and to help you learn how to be a Saint!!! (Not to make you miserable)
You have so many gifts. Besides being practically brilliant, you are so good with babies, you have dad’s dry sense of humor… (Is that really a gift or a curse?) You are also a good friend. I know you are an authentic friend, and that is hard to find!!! I can’t wait till you are all grown up and I don’t have to nag you any more…and we can be friends too!!! Every since you were born, you have been my sweet sensitive boy. You always remember me…you were the one to bring me flowers from outside, show me your treasures, ask for a cuddle, play tickle time... cause I know where your spots are, and to play the abc game on your back.
Stay close to your catholic faith and become the saint God created you to be!!!
BTW…I don’t think there is a patron saint for Lego’s or soccer yet!!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!
wow, 16!

God bless you on your special day. Many laughs, much love and many memories...
See you all soon :)

momto5minnies said...

So very sweet! Your son sounds like somebody quite special ...