Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just added this evening: after reading this post it sounded so negative...I do have my concerns for teens...but, I have really enjoyed getting back in touch with many of my high school friends like everything I do... I must find balance!!!

I have been keeping my eye on this new form of media and being grateful that it wasn't around when I was a teen. The temptations and opportunity for uncharity is overwhelming... When I was a teen it was hard enough to keep your reputation in good order...if facebook was around who knows what kind of trash we would of thrown around!!!

I joined facebook to keep my eyes out on my teens...sorry kids...but you know it is true. I know they can find ways to get around my eagle eyes but I still try. I love them and would give up my life for them. I try to tell them that there is no other person on earth who loves them more than I do. That I think is pretty powerful!!!

I have many concerns about the material found on facebook such as the bumper stickers and other applications that can border on scandalist. I am very concerned with the amount of time waisted as well as the opportunity to cyber bully or just degrade others. I tend to over react to the media when my children's souls are in danger.

I think that any parent with a teen on facebook should try to monitor them as much as possible. I wish I was better at this. I hope they guard themselves and watch out for photos and comments that have to do with them.

Recently my college aged daughter put my blog posts ( ) on facebook. At first I thought that was kinda cool. A chance to share my crazy life and my love for the Lord...

I am still thinking about this...I am not sure I want all I post to be uploaded on facebook...and I am pretty sure some of it, my teens would rather I not I will ponder today and think about it.

In the mean time I will ask the Lord for wisdom to do His holy will!!!



Mau said...

I agree with you 100% on this one. I have a facebook page, I use it more to tease my brother, sister and dad than anything else. It's a great way to give quick takes into our lives without always calling on the phone.

I originally joined to see if I would allow our oldest to have a page. Right now, I'd say no. I am concerned about the ads that pop up on the sidebar and with friend solicitation from people we don't know.

As far as privacy, I have mine pretty locked down and only my "friends" can see my page and photos. I think it's actually more private than my blog.

Anyhow, thank you for your continued wisdom and reflections on the dangers of media for our children.


Party of Eight said...

Oh, Facebook. I recently joined by my big sister's suggestion. A LOT of my cousins are on there, ranging from older cousins who are moms, to freshman in high school and everywhere in between. I like staying in touch. I recently connected with my best friends from high school through it as well, and that has been a Blessing.

I wonder if it will still be cool in a few years, or will we be talking about another world wide web invention?

Sam said...

Hooking up with old friends has been fun for me is the teens in this day I worry about. I also know it can become just as addictive as blogs;)

BTW...Your blog looks great!!! It is so important to have fun being Catholic!!!

momto5minnies said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!!!!!

I do have a FB page and I too monitor my daughter's page. It is amazing to me how much technology and outlets there are for kids today, which is why keeping up with all the new stuff is so important.