Tuesday, January 13, 2009

IMITATION OF CHRIST: Meditation of the day...

The Twenty-Sixth Chapter

The Excellence of a Free Mind, Gained Through Prayer Rather Than By Study

The Disciple
IT IS the mark of a perfect man, Lord, never to let his mind relax in attention to heavenly things, and to pass through many cares as though he had none; not as an indolent man does, but having by the certain prerogative of a free mind no disorderly affection for any created being.

Keep me, I beg You, most merciful God, from the cares of this life, lest I be too much entangled in them. Keep me from many necessities of the body, lest I be ensnared by pleasure. Keep me from all darkness of mind, lest I be broken by troubles and overcome. I do not ask deliverance from those things which worldly vanity desires so eagerly, but from those miseries which, by the common curse of humankind, oppress the soul of Your servant in punishment and keep him from entering into the liberty of spirit as often as he would.

We need to be strong against pride, vanity, and sensuality...they're out to get us!!! Through deep prayer and frequenting the sacraments we should be able to overcome temptations when they arise.


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