Monday, August 4, 2008

Large Families...

Keep husband is on a roll and has some great things to say!!!

I thought I would add my short thoughts on this subject...(I am usually the long winded one)

Behavior: our kids are normal...not perfect, as I had hoped but normal and happy!!!

Discipline: we have a pretty balanced approach to parenting...the typical punishments...sometimes they work/sometimes they don't!!!

Money: We have a friend who introduces us as the couple who has EVERYTHING except for MONEY!!! We have never been in need, thanks to family, friends, and fellow Christians who watch out for us!!!

Food: we may not have what they want but we always have enough of something...we may not have name brand-but, somehow they survive eating generic...and we always welcome one more...we have guests about twice a week!!!

Housing: God gave us the perfect house in the perfect place...for us!!! We need to be happy where we are...stop playing the "if only game"!!! We drove to a friends house today and saw an 8 acre home for sale...ummm..."if only"...then we came home to a neighbor's invite to dinner with two other families and we all hung out and played, biked, ate, and hung out for hours!!! Thank you God for putting us where we should be!!! What would we do with out this wonderful fellowship!!!

Clothes: we don't buy them...they come by the ton from friends, neighbors, and relatives buy the teens those special things that they just can't "live" without!!!

Pregnancy: we are blessed in our town by being kinda "super hero's" everyone from the old lady to the teen at the pool thinks it super cool and can't wait till we have another!!! If you ask when the baby is coming...we will say we don't know...(even if we aren't pregnant-yet) God help me when I can't have anymore...I hope I have a grand baby on the way...(Yes, I am a sick puppy)

Feeling sorry for us: don't!!! cuz we feel sorry for you for not understanding how amazing our life really is...but, we have the opposite problem...people canonize us...please don't!!! We are all in this together!!! If you see us falling...please pick us up!!!

Come back tomorrow and see my son's inside scoop on Large families...

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momto5minnies said...

I think it took until this year (at the ripe age of 37) for me to realize that my husband and I would play that "if only game".

I am betting that you have a great bunch of children. Both you and your husband are blessed with 11 and you seem happy. Something good must be going on ;)

I don't feel comfortable being held to such high regards ... and I have 5!