Wednesday, August 13, 2008

QUESTIONS about homeschooling with little kids...and being pregnant: much for my auto post today...

To answer a question with some quick advice,

From a mom expecting her 6th with the oldest 7:

1-what are the math facts, states info on tapes/ Cd's that you recommend?
I would suggest to go to free share or online to educational games. Really limit computer time for special occasions, rewards, or special days. Also go to your local library and get the tapes they can find an entire world of books on tape, as well as other Cd's that could be used for "school". Some of our favorite Cd's from the library are: Little house on the Prairie, Mrs. Piggy Wiggle, Swiss Family Robinson, Red wall, Adventures in Oddessy, Box car children, as well as a ton of others. Your librarian should be you best friend...when I had lots little guys, I would call ahead ask for some specific things, they would get them for me and leave them at the desk for me, then I would pull up when out running errands and run in or send a big kid in.

2-do you have a chore chart? I have a lot of little ones only (oldest is only 7) and I NEED their help as baby #6 is due in Sept. I am not sure of what to expect or if I am not asking enough of them.
Do I have a job chart??? I am known in this town as having the biggest chart ever!!! The local nuns come to my house just to see that mother superior is easy on them compared to my family!!! (I am not kidding) It is amazing how much the little kids like the job chart, then you wake up one day and they are teenagers complaining about everything. For making a job chart I write down what I wish was accomplished during the day...what my husband wishes was accomplished for the day...than I put it in writing. I mean silly things like how I wish I read more to the little guys...played a game with instantly it became a job for the big guys...than my husband loves coming home to the front yard not looking like we have 11 clean up front yard is a job...opening the van door and having everything fall job...walking in the front door and stepping on job...trying to find the mail...the kids favorite job: welcome daddy...they get the mail and watch out for poppa!!!

3-Do you have extra help besides your older kids? who and how did you find them?
Sometimes usually is kind friends who come to help out. At one time my mom thought she was doing me a favor and offered to pay for my kids to go to the local Catholic School...(she thought it was still $25 a family like in her day). When I explained that I didn't want to send my kids away to sister just told her to give me some $$$ to find some help. That lasted about 2 years before another sibling needed help more than I) I am a huge one on asking for help...when I was pregnant with my fifth I mentioned to my friend my disapointment in falling asleep while reading to my little guys...she offered to come over to read to has been 12 years and she still comes about twice a week during the school year!!! That is what I call a great friend!!! ASK/ASK/ASK!!!

4-What schooling ideas/ideas to help entertain the young kids do you have for when a new baby arrives?"
Limit your expectations when the baby as much as you can...let the kids play with each other, good toys, and outside!!! Have a special box of toys that just comes out when you need them: during phone calls with the doctor, during reading lessons with the early reader, or when mom needs a rest!!! Again...BOOKS ON TAPE are huge in our house!!!

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