Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I miss my little guys...

Two of my big kids work at a camp in the they took my three little boys with them. (10,8,6)

I miss them so much!!! The baby misses them...the 4 year old sister misses them...and the 2 year old little sister who shares a room with them really misses them!!!

I sent my daughter a text telling her "I miss my boys!!!" she sent one back..."act like a normal mom"...who me NORMAL? Never!!!

I am so grateful dear Lord for all of these children and the opportunity to homeschool me not complain and appreciate the time I have with them.

Thy Will Be Done!!!+JMJ+

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Regular gal said...

understand how you feel.. in the opposite way. I used to have to force my mom to give me a goodbye kiss when she gave me a ride.... to college.. and she also asked me to please act normal.