Saturday, June 28, 2008

Balance & Moderation

My parenting/homeschooling methodology...

I have been reading a lot online about different people’s perspectives on parenting and homeschooling methods...I have been married for 19 years and have been a mother/homeschooler for 18 years.So take my advice with a grain of salt...

My husband and I have tried about every different parent strategy as well as about 15 different homeschooling curriculums. We owned a Christian/Catholic bookstore for 10 years and got to pick from the best!

What we have learned in the end is what my old spiritual adviser suggested monthly to me..."BALANCE AND MODERATION".

I know those who know us laugh and say balance and moderation??? 11 kids...and an exercise crazed man??? What kind of balance and moderation is that??? me if you only knew how crazy we really are...

We learn from the best...we take what we like from everyone and use what works for us at different stages in our lives, different personalities work well with different approaches; different seasons call for creative methods. Sometimes due to pregnancy, newborns, construction, or other calls of life make us stretch and adjust our "plans".

That is why my husband and I make a perfect team!!! God's design for our family calls us to balance each other out and find moderation in our lives.

The one thing that has gotten us through it all is tenacity and stick-to-itiveness. The good old "JUST DO IT" approach.

I know many people ask me for specific advice and are disappointed when I don't give them a "just add water" answer. Yes, I like different parenting strategies. Yes, I use about 10 different curriculums to meet the needs of my crazy family.

But in the end...we are happy and taking one day at a time.


Dipi said...

Hi Sam, I'm a reader from Australia. My extended family LOVE reading yours and your husband's blogs, we've passed the addresses around. PLEASE could you let me know which thing you use and for what, when you get the time. We currently have 3 littlie's under 3 and have been investigating the homeschooling world. We hope for many more children, and so your blogs really help inspire us and proove to us there is fun in having a large family and that it can be managed.

Love and prayers to you all

Catherine said...

Sam, I like the way you approach things.
Before "building" my own family, I got great ideas about parenting.
We tried many methods with Alexandra, my fisrt child. In fact, she TAUGHT us humility, I would say. I couldn't give advices anymore. And the 2 following, confirm that impression that nothing is fixed, or written in parenting books. All is done, day by day, with our heart and comprehension. Child teach us the method with their own personalities. They teach us wisdom.
I'm glad that with only 3 children I came to the same conclusion as you with all your experience and that I'm not searching yet the written rules for education.