Friday, August 15, 2008


I can't believe my sweet little guy is one!!! You have been so sweet and such a joy to our family!!! When you were born a whopping 11lbs. on the FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION I knew God had BIG plans for you!!! My labor was very difficult and dad and I shiver at the thought of what we would of done without our amazing midwife Alice. Aunt Betsy says I looked like gumby the way we moved my body to get you out...enough of that came and I don't think I stopped nursing you for three months.

It was an interesting first week. The day you were born we came home from the Birthing Center hours after you arrived so the rest of your siblings and Geama could see you!!! Your God mom Alex was there, but she fell asleep...what a blessing that was...I don't think she could of handled seeing that delivery!!! I know I couldn't of handled her watching this one!!! It was only minutes after your birth that I got the news that your God father Joshua wanted to spend a year in discernment of a future vocation...if you and I were my tears as I nursed you I clearly heard God (or Monsignor Hogan-my dead old pastor) say, "The Lord giveith, the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord!!!"Job 1: 20-21.

After lots of love from everyone else, especially "C" who announced when she saw you one of her first clear words, "BABY E!!!" and it stuck like glue!!! Then the visitors started coming...the first were Caleb's friends on their bikes from the pool...Luke, Jake, and Joey...To see those sweet teenage boys riding up through my window with excitement in their eyes, did my heart good...I think it was at that point I gave them each permission to marry any of my five daughters.

Then the real excitement came...our friends the W's from New Hampshire were scheduled to come for a visit and stay with us...totally against the mom's better judgement...but I convinced her I would probably be my typical 10 days late and I needed her here to help me get ready. Of course I didn't let the kids breathe a word of my labor and the baby already being here when they called or she would of made her hubby turn the van around...anyway the kids really were looking forward to the visit and it took them away from bugging me too much...o yeah, did I mention they had 10 kids? Five boys and five girls just like we did not to mention the other freaky similarities we share...all of our kids are the same ages...all were the same sex till the fault...and the personalities are very about God giving you a support system...the funny things like the kids being born on each others due dates, etc...weird...we wanted to write a book till I messed up with not having a girl #8...o well, the only crazy thing is the spouses are mixed up...Mom W and my husband are twins separated at birth...and Dad W and I are kindred spirits!!!

I thought this post was going to be about my baby E...well E it took me six days to actually walk normally...I had never really had such post delivery pain before...but Alice and I decided that I must of past my diabetes test by next pregnancy no sweets and lots of exercise!!!

Speaking of next sorry favorite gift to my one year old babies is...the announcement of a new sibling...ooh for the days when I was young and Daddy didn't wear bike shorts and use a laptop...ouch-sorry honey!!! I need to blame someone!!!

Happy First Birthday Sweet Baby E...promise you will always stay sweet...especially when you are a teenager!!!

Thy Will Be Done!!! +JMJ+

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MamaMidwife said...

Love this post!

Funny how one can start on a birth story and it tangents into other things very easily.