Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Complement or Criticism???

I don't know if I should take the following comment given to me, on many occasions, as a compliment or a criticism...

Mother to her children, "If you don't watch it I am going to send you to their house for the week!"

Should I take it as a compliment: "wow, she must think I am an amazing mom and she wants me to straighten her kids out..."

Or should I take it as a criticism: "wow, she must think I am a horrible mom and she wants her kids to appreciate her???"

Either way...it happens to me often...hopefully the kids don't have nightmares about me...the only good thing that will come from it is that when they are teenagers maybe they will think twice about "wanting to date" my kids...cause God knows that when my kids turn 18, there is a bunch of questions to be answered before you pass through my doors!!!

1 comment:

Mau said...

Love your rules for dating your daughters. Do have rules for dating your sons, because I'd like to keep a copy handy for both when our kids are old enough to "date". It's nice to see ya'll have set the same age we have for when we might allow any talk of dating.

I'm not sure what folks are aiming at with that particular comment. I don't see that as being any kind of threat.