Monday, July 6, 2009

Wierd sleeping kids:

I shared about our bedtime routine here. Well, my bedtime routine is to go and check on everyone before I go to bed. It is usually anywhere between 9-10pm. Usually it is uneventful. Blankets on, fans off or on..., toys moved off bed, just simple silly things. There is always something exciting happening upstairs with 5 bedrooms and 9 kids.

We actually have 2 upstairs with their own room...2 in 2 other rooms and the college sister gets to share with the 3 & 5 year old when she is home...lucky soul!!! We have two bedrooms downstairs one is ours and my 13 year old has her own till she shares with the babe soon.

Well, sometimes I have to search for a missing child who has decided to fall asleep in someone else's bed, some have fallen asleep in the closet, hallway, or even under the can be kinda scary searching for a little guy who is not where they are supposed to be...

Recently this is what I found in two different bedrooms:

Yes, that is my three year old daughter with a small umbrella on top of her???
And our "sleeping puppet" this kid wins all kinds of awards for sleeping anytime, anywhere, and in the strangest positions and places!!!
Thank God they all make it to bed somehow. Kudos for my oldest daughter who does the much later check up on the kids...turning off teenagers lights, carrying kids half her size back to bed, and all sorts of amazing things most 19 year olds would shudder to think about!!!

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