Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 5 Must-Have No-Cost Homeschooling Resources

I found this list at THE HOME SCHOOL MOM:

Top 5 Must-Have No-Cost Homeschooling Resources

Jim Erskine’s Freebie of the Day - If you are not aware of this site, then I am excited to share it with you. Jim works with homeschool publishers to provide you with 1 freebie each day. The link to the freebie is only active for 24 hours, so you have to act fast, but these are quality offerings and not just filler junk. Trust me, I have participated in this program and we have given away a full U.S. geography curriculum on one occasion and another full ebook on another occasion. Other publishers are doing the same thing. So sign up using the “Join List” tab at the top of the page.

The Old Schoolhouse’s Teacher Toolbox - Most of you are probably aware of their Freebie Friday newsletter (if you are not, then sign up for that one as well). But the Teacher Toolbox newsletter is a lesser known treasure. The Teacher's Toolbox is a great way to inject something extra into your teaching plans especially when you are homeschooling on a shoestring.

The Homeschool Mom Unit Studies - Actually, the entire Homeschool Mom site is a gem and you should spend some time there getting familiarized with it and find out what it has to offer. But I specifically highlighted the unit study page because unit studies are a great way to homeschool your children especially if you are working with limited funds. You can teach them all the same topic but at varying levels. You can often utilize library books and online information resources – all for free.

Donna Young Printables and Resources - Yes, this site is a treasure trove of lessons, planners and forms. There is a form for everything you could ever need. I especially like her diplomas! If you are looking for a specific form, a planner or a lesson for a certain subject, make sure that you check here! Donna Young has so many useful forms and resources that you will think you have hit the jackpot.

Homeschooling ABCs Free 5 Day MiniClass – Sometimes when you are throwing it all together yourself and not using pre-made curriculum, you can start to wonder if you are on the right track. Worry no longer… sign up for the free 5 day mini-class at the site above and receive information on:

What to Teach and When
4 Steps to Homeschooling Success
Homeschooling on a Dime
Getting the Help You Need
Planning and Scheduling

There you go – 5 “Must-Have” No-Cost Resources for Homeschooling. Take advantage of them. Let them be the fuel that starts your creative engine and keeps it going strong. My hope and prayer for you is that you have NOT been hit hard by this financial mess our country has found itself in. But if you have been, then look for the silver lining amongst the gray clouds. As Patti Handy says, “Don’t let a good financial crisis go to waste.” (

Let me know if you get any good info from them or have used them!!!

I have to add my favorite Saint Coloring Blog. Waltzing Matilda it is a great resource for feast day coloring.



momto5minnies said...

THANKS for listing this. I could always use some extra resources and I KNOW SOMEONE else who could really use some free stuff.

Rob said...

You forgot to list: A Hot Husband

Anonymous said...

Yaaayyyyy! Thank you!