Monday, July 13, 2009

Visions of mom...

My mom is great...she raised nine children and was a devoted wife and mother. Her generation took being a house wife seriously. Our house was always clean, meals were always great, and she catered to my dad like he was a king. Oh if I could only do as well!!!

I once was at a mother/daughter potluck where a young lady who was one of twelve shared a story of what memory she had of her mom...It was of her mom sitting in a chair in their living room holding a rosary, with green socks on.

What will my kids remember? Probably not cleaning, or cooking a real tasty dinner, and unfortunately not treating their dad like a king. OH, for progress. I am constantly working on cleaning, I would love to be a better cook, and I try to treat my husband as the king of our home.

On Sat. night, my husband took five of the kids to a ball game with our parish. So I stayed home with three youngest and my 16 year old son. After I put everyone to bed my five year old remembered how hungry she she came down for a bite to eat. I gave her some food and went to bed. As I was in bed she came in to tell me she was heading up. I sat in my bed watching a movie with my laptop on my lap. As she headed up...I thought wow, what a memory she will have of me tonight. Will this be embedded in her memory? Wouldn't I rather her remember me sitting on a chair saying the rosary with green socks on?

Well, she just came back off to cuddle and rub her back...maybe that will replace the lazy vision of her mom in her head.



Party of Eight said...

I agree, Sam! Although I think the rules change when mom is pregnant:) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am betting your kids don't think you are at all lazy- but I'm thinking we all might need some of those magical green socks!