Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday...

My review today is call BLUETRACK. To see videos and lots more info go here. This track is very durable. We bring it to the park, on vacation, to the back yard, and just in the house. It sticks or hangs on different services. My one year old can play with it and it can be used for mulitple kids at a time.
What I like:
*all kids and all ages
*easy to store
*works great

What I don't like:
*expense (great gift for Christmas from Grandad)
*it has tons of possibilities to make cool flips and turns...we just aren't there yet...

Of course I grew up with these orange hot wheel tracks that we still use...they are very inexpensive and I hear you can buy them at toys r us for pretty cheep...they even have improved them by making the sides higher so the cars stay on better.



Rob said...

the orange hot wheels tracks are much better...kids can be beaten with those

Anonymous said...

That's what I like, a toy that doubles as a disciplinary implement or a weapon take your pick!