Saturday, July 11, 2009

IMITATION OF CHRIST: meditation of the day

The Fifty-First Chapter
When We Cannot Attain to the Highest, We Must Practice the Humble Works

The Voice of Christ
MY CHILD, you cannot always continue in the more fervent desire of virtue, or remain in the higher stage of contemplation, but because of humanity’s sin you must sometimes descend to lower things and bear the burden of this corruptible life, albeit unwillingly and wearily. As long as you wear a mortal body you will suffer weariness and heaviness of heart. You ought, therefore, to bewail in the flesh the burden of the flesh which keeps you from giving yourself unceasingly to spiritual exercises and divine contemplation.

In such condition, it is well for you to apply yourself to humble, outward works and to refresh yourself in good deeds, to await with unshaken confidence My heavenly visitation, patiently to bear your exile and dryness of mind until you are again visited by Me and freed of all anxieties. For I will cause you to forget your labors and to enjoy inward quiet. I will spread before you the open fields of the Scriptures, so that with an open heart you may begin to advance in the way of My commandments. And you will say: the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the future glory which shall be revealed to us.

Book three of the Imitation of Christ really is difficult. No one really wants to talk about suffering. There are eight more chapters then we move on. I know for myself it is important for me to be reminded that through any suffering it strengthens me for future problems. If I can persevere through the little inconveniences than I will be able to be stronger during real trials.


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Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope your sufferings are few and that this last FEW weeks!:o) before the baby comes are peaceful and happy and not too uncomfortable.

These meditations really speak to me and I need to see if have a copy of the Imitation and if not then I need to get one- on more than one occasion your posting from that has really been God's voice to my heart. And I am sure that must be true for more than just me.
Thank you Sam!