Monday, July 20, 2009

Declutter? Who me?

I have found out my problem (see below)...I am really bad about cleaning...I will take an outing at any time over cleaning. I am very bad about up keep of my home. I am a big time stash and dasher!!! I also don't ever let anyone up stairs...It is one thing to get downstairs picked up, but one day I dream of my entire house clean at one time.

I know it is a problem, but I also am happy to entertain or have over company at the drop of a hat, and for my kids to envite over friends. We have guests over almost every day...I will continue to thank God for my patient husband and hopefully chip away at my cleaning problem.

So come on over...and your step!!!

Simplify your domestic church

“Sanguine Stash and Dash”

The Sanguines are social butterflies and tend to put community in front of domestic duties. A woman with this personality will excuse her mess with a wave of her hand...



Rob said...

I am really bad about cleaning

Really? I hadn't noticed :P good thing you are hot ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm terrible at cleaning and decluttering. Misery loves company. I also will take any outing or visitor as an excuse to put off decluttering/organizing/deep cleaning. I do try to be sure there is a clean bathroom and kitchen for visitors, and a place to sit. But the bedrooms, ha! Don't open the doors.
Maria H.