Friday, July 10, 2009

Boy name contest!!!

My husband is sure we are having a he won't even discuss boy names!!! Over at his blog he is having a PET PEEVE PHRIDAY about names. He doesn't have room to talk...since he won't even give me some choices to pick from...

My favorite is: KOLBE PETER

Kolbe for one of my favorite saints: Maximillian Kolbe and Peter for by big bro!!!

Post your best boy name and maybe you could win one of my husband's old running shoes or something cool!!!



Rob said...

Its a girl, give the boy name thing a rest

Maurisa said...

I like Kolbe Peter!

How about Pius or Innocent?

Since our two boys are named after Popes, we always joke around about giving another boy one of those Papal names. Imagine having to yell at a child with one of those as a moniker!

BTW, since Rob is refusing to participate in the boy name game, you will definitely have another boy.

Kim said...

Whenever I'm pregnant, we always consider Francis Xavier (my husband says we'd call him FX). We haven't used it yet though!

Good luck--no doubt it's a boy! :)