Friday, July 17, 2009

REMINDER TO SELF: appreciate my teens...

My son in the seminary who prays for us!!!

The four "left behind" who do all the work around here and made Sunday possible...I sure hope their friends on FACEBOOK don't see this funny picture I took in JANUARY...

Many days I complain about teenagers...well I had a "what would I do without them day" on Sunday.

My running sardonic husband did a race on Sunday. On Sat night he and one of the teenage girls went to 4:30 mass. So Sunday I got my pregnant self out of bed to get ready for mass. Two of the boys were serving 10 am mass and my 19 year old left at 9 to feed my sister's cats. Geama came and took the 3 & 5 year old over for a fun day with grandma. I woke up the daughter who went to mass earlier to watch one year old. The 13,11,9, and 7 year old and I went to mass. We rushed home, ate, put the one year old down for a nap, and the three boys and I rushed off to see dad run across the finish line. The race was a 31 mile trail run and was about 2o minutes away. We got there with about a half hour wait till we cheered on my man!!! Then the 11 year old and I headed home after picking up gift card at Target for the wedding shower I was going to. Dropped off 11 year old. Got home just in time to see one year old wake up...loved on him for a minute than the 19 year old took him to visit Geama and the girls...I got ready and left for the shower. Got home right when my daughter and the three little guys got home...(perfect timing)!Got to visit with Father Kevin who just stopped by from his year in kids settled and got ready for dinner out with Boompa for dinner...The 16 year old took the 14 year old to youth group and the 19 year old went out. The thirteen year old made dinner and put the kids to bed. We got home around 7:30 exhausted from our busy day!!! Said good night to the kids and passed out!!!

Couldn't of done it without my teens...(or Geama)



Anonymous said...

Ok you should so be writing the blog for the newspaper instead of me, nine months pregnant and you have them trained to function that smoothly and all day long. I am in awe. No blood on the walls no one left anywhere accidently everyone fed and even clean in the bed right? Hands down you are the WOMAN! And you deserve a vacation!

Rob said...

i look darn good in the picture, short, but good.
was josh standing on something, darn i look short