Thursday, October 30, 2008

people say the funniest things...

After my funny post on my daughter...I realized that most people want to hear my funny stories!!! Although, my "rule" for blogging is meditation first!!! So I try to journal my daily meditation. As of now, it is the IMITATION OF CHRIST.

Since that is done...I thought I would share some funny stories from this week:

5 year old daughter:

We watched Your Mine and Ours...Not the original, which isn't as great as the book, but the new one. We bought Clean films for a couple of years before they closed down due to trying to find movies for a family with old and young kids!!! One of the scenes they didn't cut out, was when the dad was on a blind date in the restaurant and his date said she was going to "hit the head". I really didn't notice that the kids got dad always said it growing up. Well, little princess heard it and announced to me days later that she told our very sweet, quite, conservative neighbors daughter that she was going to hit the head!!! Then I looked at her and said that wasn't very proper and the neighbors probably wouldn't like her saying that...I just rolled in laughter and called my hubby!!!

Christian Lady from a soccer game:"So how many kids do you have now?"
Me: "we have eleven."
Lady: "wow, you don't have incontinence?"
Me with a shocked look on my face: "well, actually I am doing quit midwife says I am very strong."
Lady: "wow, do you think you will have more?"
Me: "we hope to!!!"
Lady: "well, that is great." and she leaves with a strange look on her face...either inconceivable or admiration...I'm going for inconceivable !!!

My kids try to get candy for everything...I finished a book, I helped my sister, I did my jobs, I am breathing...especially my 6 year old son...he comes to me about once a day with some new excuse for why he should get a piece of candy...yesterday he tried this one:

6 year old son: "Mom, I'm bored."
Mom: looking at him know "bored" is a bad word in our family...
6 year old son: "can I have candy?"
Mom: "no, but nice try"
6 year old son: walks away with a smirky smile...

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Tonya said...

People are way too bold! But it's still funny. A friend of mine with 5 kids is constantly asked, "are you Catholic, Mormon ...?" She says she really wants to answer, "No, just a Protestant who likes s**." Now that I have 5 I've been asked the same question and had to choke back that answer.