Friday, October 31, 2008


Last year around this time, I wasn't doing a blog or reading I have really enjoyed seeing ideas and getting suggestions from others about how they celebrated the Liturgical Year. Even my husband has ideas about this...and yes, I would love to have twins!!!

By no means do I judge others on the way they celebrate with their families...I have a hard enough time getting my own family to heaven, so I can't tell you how to get yours there!!! We all need to pray for wisdom for each other!!!

When my husband and I make decisions we try to accomplish the following:
*To make it fun being catholic
*What works best for our family as a whole
*Do we spend as much time celebrating the true holiday or feast as opposed to the secular way?

When we first got married we were in a community of Catholics who were trying to find alternatives to celebrating Halloween. They would sponsor and support All Saints Day parties, so that is where we hung out.

Then when we moved down the road...we started going to our friends house for pizza and fun with the little our family grew...we started having friends at our house. We didn't give out candy at that house because the street we lived on was a huge target for teenagers who just wanted candy and who were usually dressed in disgusting costumes. We have some very sensitive children and seeing something like that would of really scared them...

We now live in another neighborhood where the kids who come to trick or treat are so cute and usually dressed like Cinderella or we have no problem giving out treats with holy cards attached...We don't let the kids trick or really wouldn't be a family would have to stay home with the would have to drag out the others in the cold...and be watchful for who opens the it a nice old lady or a person dressed in a scary witch costume that would freak out some of my kids?

We still have groups of people who come here to our house...everyone brings candy and the kids play games, have fun, and the best time of the night is the great trade off...this is where all the kids get their goody bags and set up shop...they find a spot to dump out their candy and is so funny to hear the kids..."I give you 2 dum dums for your snickers!!!"

We have a great time...and even thou, this neighborhood would be safe for my kids to trick or this time we stick with our original party...supporting other families who don't have this kind of neighborhood...

So, Have great Feast Day!!!

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