Wednesday, October 1, 2008

IMITATION OF CHRIST: Meditation of the day...


If you carry the cross willingly, it will carry and lead you to the desired goal where indeed there shall be no more suffering, but here there shall be. If you carry it unwillingly, you create a burden for yourself and increase the load, though still you have to bear it. If you cast away one cross, you will find another and perhaps a heavier one. Do you expect to escape what no mortal man can ever avoid? Which of the saints was without a cross or trial on this earth? Not even Jesus Christ, our Lord, Whose every hour on earth knew the pain of His passion. "It behooveth Christ to suffer, and to rise again from the dead, . . . and so enter into his glory." How is it that you look for another way than this, the royal way of the holy cross? (If we can possibly find the strength to accept it, we will be able to better embrace the suffering and use it for good)

The whole life of Christ was a cross and a martyrdom, and do you seek rest and enjoyment for yourself? (rest-yes...just thinking of sleep makes me smile) You deceive yourself, you are mistaken if you seek anything but to suffer, for this mortal life is full of miseries and marked with crosses on all sides. Indeed, the more spiritual progress a person makes, so much heavier will he frequently find the cross, because as his love increases, the pain of his exile also increases. (That isn't very consoling...if we accept the little crosses with great strength, than when we get to the big ones we will be better equipped to deal with them...hopefully. I have asked God for years to give me the grace to be able to cope with whatever suffering I will need to endure and use it for HIS glory and my sanctification.)

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